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Can Myopia Be Corrected with Vision Therapy?

A child doing red green activities for vision therapy.

Myopia can severely affect quality of life by making everyday activities more challenging, especially without proper care to manage the condition. Vision therapy may be an option to alleviate symptoms related to myopia and make life a little easier.  Vision therapy involves a personalized approach to improving vision through dedicated exercises. With these approaches, we […]

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Can I Wear Contact Lenses with Astigmatism?

Happy young woman standing against a purple background and holding a contact lens case in each hand.

Am I Able to Wear Contact Lenses with an Astigmatism?  Contact lenses are an excellent option to switch up your look from glasses while maintaining those same levels of vision correction. It all starts with a comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting with your optometrist.  But can you wear contact lenses with eye conditions like […]

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Can a Concussion Cause Eye Floaters?

View of a beach with dots and squiggly lines throughout representing floaters.

Head injuries can be scary, especially traumatic brain injuries, also known as concussions. Your eyes and vision can also be affected. Your optometrist is in your corner through comprehensive eye exams to help keep your eyes and vision healthy.  But can concussions cause eye floaters? It’s certainly possible but not necessarily guaranteed. Let’s explore what […]

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Do Contact Lenses Get Thicker with Prescription?

A close up of a woman putting in her contact lens.

How Lens Thickness Affects Your View Many patients prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses because of the way they look. Contact lenses can provide an unobstructed view and allow everyone else a clear view of your face.  Some patients consider thick eyeglasses a nuisance, but what about thick contact lenses? When an optometrist prescribes contact lenses […]

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What Is Vision Therapy for Concussion?

A football player gets his eyes checked a doctor after a concussion.

Restoring Healthy Vision Diagnosing vision problems after trauma is more than testing 20/20 vision. How clear your vision is may not reflect how well your visual system functions. Post-concussion vision therapy can help patients improve their visual skills. Improving how the brain manages visual skills is essential for achieving comfortable vision. So how does a […]

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