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Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management in North York

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A Proactive Approach

At Avenue Optometry & Vision Therapy, we pride ourselves on our thorough approach to vision care. Preventing and managing eye diseases requires a proactive approach to your eye health.

Many serious eye diseases can develop without symptoms. Regular, comprehensive eye exams will help us establish a baseline of what is “normal” for you and help us to detect any changes as they occur in your eyes.

Keeping your eyes healthy, comfortable, and able to take in the world around you is our goal. Book an appointment for an eye exam to safeguard your vision today!

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Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases generally characterized by damage to the optic nerve, usually due to high intraocular pressure

There are several different types of glaucoma, but all are capable of causing irreversible vision loss. Often, the progression of glaucoma is slow and symptom-free, so regular, comprehensive eye exams are key to detecting this disease.

Generally, glaucoma impacts your peripheral vision first. Patchy or blind spots in your field of vision may appear in the early stages, followed by tunnel vision in the more advanced stages.

People with diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, or previous eye trauma are at an increased risk of glaucoma. 

Eye protection to prevent injury and keeping up healthy lifestyle habits are important tools for preventing the disease. It is also important to note that there is no cure for glaucoma. Prevention and early diagnosis through regular eye exams are critical.

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Other Eye Conditions

There are many eye diseases and conditions. We have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and help you manage them.


When the clear lens of your eye hardens, forms a cloudy buildup, and becomes opaque, this is called a cataract. Many people live with cataracts, but in their advanced stages, they may obscure vision and make performing daily tasks very difficult.

Cataracts often develop without pain, but foggy or blurry vision, light sensitivity, and dull or muted colours can indicate their presence.

Eating a diet high in vitamins C and E, smoking cessation, and protecting your eyes from UV rays may help prevent the development of cataracts.

Glasses and contact lenses can clear up mild vision impairment due to cataracts. But, if the condition is in an advanced stage, cataract surgery may be the only option to restore your sight.

People with diabetes are at an increased risk of eye diseases like glaucoma. Diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic macular edema also pose a threat to your sight. To learn more about these, visit our Diabetic Eye Exams page.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) occurs when the macula deteriorates. This condition damages your central vision, the part of your sight that enables you to drive, read, and recognize faces. Loss of vision in this area can create a serious impediment to your day-to-day tasks.

The telltale signs of age-related macular degeneration are blurry spots in the central vision as well as straight lines that appear wavy or curved.

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Safeguard Your Vision

If you already have an eye disease, we can help you manage it and monitor its progression. For those with healthy eyes, take a proactive approach to your vision care by booking an appointment today.

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