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What Are Visual Perceptual Skills?

A woman in a striped shirt reading a book in a brightly lit room.

Visual perceptual skills are the processes your brain and eyes use to interpret and understand what you see. Even with 20/20 vision, a person can experience vision issues because of challenges related to their visual skills. The connection between your brain and your vision is essential for seeing comfortably and clearly. Different conditions can disrupt […]

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Vision Therapy Benefits for Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain assembled out of white puzzle pieces against a blue background.

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be challenging—but it’s not something anyone has to do alone. Healthcare professionals can provide support for everything from physical recovery to vision therapy.  Sometimes, the visual effects and recovery associated with TBIs can go overlooked because of other serious effects, resulting in lasting changes to a person’s […]

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Can Myopia Be Corrected with Vision Therapy?

A child doing red green activities for vision therapy.

Myopia can severely affect quality of life by making everyday activities more challenging, especially without proper care to manage the condition. Vision therapy may be an option to alleviate symptoms related to myopia and make life a little easier.  Vision therapy involves a personalized approach to improving vision through dedicated exercises. With these approaches, we […]

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What Is Vision Therapy for Concussion?

A football player gets his eyes checked a doctor after a concussion.

Restoring Healthy Vision Diagnosing vision problems after trauma is more than testing 20/20 vision. How clear your vision is may not reflect how well your visual system functions. Post-concussion vision therapy can help patients improve their visual skills. Improving how the brain manages visual skills is essential for achieving comfortable vision. So how does a […]

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Is Vision Therapy Covered by OHIP?

Young smiling girls in a chair at the optometrist's office as she uses an occluder.

Vision therapy is one type of occupational therapy that help improve visual skills. Vision therapy retrains your brain to process visual information from the environment and your eyes to work together more efficiently to see clearly. Based on your diagnosis, your optometrist can tailor a fully personalized treatment program using different techniques to improve your […]

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