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Vision Therapy Diagnostics in North York

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Go Beyond 20/20

Vision is more than being able to read letters on a chart. At Avenue Optometry & Vision Therapy, we focus on far more than just 20/20 vision.

We offer a customized vision therapy program to help you develop the visual skills necessary for all types of activities, from reading and writing to catching a ball, or playing sports at an elite level.

For children struggling in school or having behavioural issues, an undiagnosed vision problem may be the culprit. Vision therapy can help. Our programs also assist adults and anyone with an acquired brain injury or concussion who is left with lingering visual issues.

All of our vision therapy programs begin with a thorough assessment. Treatment plans are fully tailored to your needs and no two are the same. To get started with vision therapy, book an appointment today.

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What Is Vision Therapy & What Can It Help With?

Vision therapy is often mischaracterized as “eye exercises.” In reality, it is much more in-depth. Vision therapy retrains the brain and visual system to work together. It is an evidence-based set of techniques that help develop vital visual skills. Vision therapy may help with the following conditions:

Adults and children alike can benefit from vision therapy. It is never too early—or too late—to start improving your life through sight. To learn more about vision therapy, book an appointment today.

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Common Children’s Vision Conditions

Our programs are easy to follow and often they are a lot of fun for kids! Many children liken the vision therapy activities to playing a game and are excited for their appointments. 

Even better, vision therapy can help children who experience some common vision conditions.

Strabismus (Crossed Eyes)

When the eyes are crossed and do not look in the same direction at the same time, strabismus may be the reason. One eye may turn inward or outward, either consistently or intermittently.

This condition is often the result of muscle weakness, underdeveloped eye coordination, or excessive farsightedness. Strabismus does not get better on its own, but vision therapy can help.

Amblyopia, also known as a lazy eye, occurs when the eyes do not work together as a team. The brain-eye connection is important when it comes to amblyopia as the image sent to the brain by an eye with a higher prescription (worse vision) may be ignored.

A variety of binocular vision activities can help to correct and improve amblyopia.

Convergence insufficiency occurs when the eyes don’t work together in looking at nearby objects. Instead of focusing on the object, the eyes may look past it, creating double or blurred vision.

Vision therapy can help to improve eye coordination abilities.

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Get Started With Vision Therapy

At Avenue Optometry & Vision Therapy, we believe that success starts with good visual skills. Book a vision therapy diagnostic appointment today.

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