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Is My Glasses Prescription Too Strong?

Two pairs of glasses lay on a light green box next to a light green background.

Can My Glasses Prescription Be Too Strong? New glasses, outdated prescriptions, and vision changes can all contribute to feeling like your prescription is wrong.  When your prescription feels too strong, you might experience headaches, nausea, and eye strain, among other things. It might not be clear why your prescription feels wrong, but it doesn’t take […]

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Is Vision Therapy Covered by OHIP?

Young smiling girls in a chair at the optometrist's office as she uses an occluder.

Vision therapy is one type of occupational therapy that help improve visual skills. Vision therapy retrains your brain to process visual information from the environment and your eyes to work together more efficiently to see clearly. Based on your diagnosis, your optometrist can tailor a fully personalized treatment program using different techniques to improve your […]

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Can Ontario Optometrists Prescribe Contact Lens Prescriptions?

A smiling young woman holds a contact lens on her left index finger.

Are Ontario Optometrists Able to Prescribe Contact Lens Prescriptions? Contact lenses offer a different look and, with the advancements in contact lens technology, are a more viable alternative to glasses than ever. Your contact lens journey begins with a comprehensive exam with your optometrist to determine your prescription.  But can your Ontario optometrist determine your […]

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